Suffering from severe muscle cramps? Take Soma 350 mg

Soma is the most prescribed muscle relaxant which reduces the amount of pain you feel by blocking the pain signals from being sent to your brain. It is a very common online pharmacy drug which is used by a significantly high number of people. You can find Soma in two different strengths namely 350 mg and 250 mg. This article focuses on two important elements. The first scope of this article is to make you understand, the importance of Soma. The second scope is to compare Soma 250 mg with 350 mg and show you why it is better to choose 350 mg.

Importance of Soma in treating muscle cramps

This medicine is known to effectively reduce muscle injuries or any soreness in muscle resulting from any physical accidents. When people of different ages were given Soma for muscle cramp and a similar group was given a placebo tablet, the output showed that the drug helped to reduce the pain within four-five days. By the end of the third day, there was a considerable reduction in the pain. In the placebo group, however, there was no considerable decrease in the pain. So any time one is unable to perform their daily tasks, they can rely on this muscle relaxer to get through their day effortlessly.

Choosing between Soma 250 mg and Soma 350 mg

When the pharmacokinetic parameters were tested between 250mg and 350 mg of Soma, it was found that the production of meprobamate and level of the drug were very high in those who took 350 mg. Though it took the same amount of time for both the pills to start working, the absorption rate of 350 mg was higher than the other.

The effect of a high fat diet on the pill is nil with 350 mg of Soma. Similar tests were not yet conducted and proved with the other type. The incidence of side effects is more common in 250mg than 350 mg. 73% of those who took 250 mg and 47% of those who took 350 mg suffered from drowsiness and, 43% of those who took 250 mg and 19% of those who took 350 mg suffered from dizziness. Thus, in many cases, it is better to take 350 mg Soma for muscle spasm than other pills or other dosage.

Can I shift to Soma 350 mg?

This is a very common question among those who use this drug and the answer is absolutely no. Though 350 mg seems to be a better option, it is not for all. The absorption of the chemical by a woman is more than a man. Thus, it is better to stop at 250 mg, if you are a woman.

Moreover, the strength of the drug is determined by the following factors

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Previous medical history
  4. Current medical condition
  5. Cause of muscle spasm
  6. History of drug addiction
  7. List of drug taken

There are many more criteria that are taken into consideration by your doctor, before he prescribes a drug. In certain cases, the doctor may provide you with 250 mg initially and based on the output they may increase or decrease the dose.

Do not increase the dose just because you think that the pain is not reducing. Talk to your doctor and ask his suggestions about upping the dose. Moreover, people with reduced CYP2C19 activity should not take a high dose of Soma. It can cause Polymorphism, a dangerous gene mutation or other adverse effects.

The main aim of this article is to educate you about the effectiveness of Soma for muscle spasm and the importance of consulting a doctor, before using one. There are a lot of Canadian online pharmacy sites where you can buy the drug without prescription. On the other hand, if you are reading to learn whether the drug is good for muscle spasm, this is the best drug that you can find in the market for muscle spasm and other muscle related pain.