Labor Day Message from Gary's Team

The campaign team would like to wish everyone a happy Labor Day weekend! Labor Day is a time when many of us are able to step back from work and relax, but we also encourage folks to use it as a time to reflect on the sacrifices and struggles of workers and unions to win the basic rights we have on the job as Americans.


(Photo: Gary Stuard addresses supporters at the Communication Workers of America union hall.)

But the struggle is very far from over, as the 1% and their political representatives continually maneuver to strip basic rights from workers, and prevent them from being extended to the entire global working class.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, which our opponent Pete Sessions supports, is just one big policy example of this perpetual conflict--but it's also present wherever workers are simply demanding a few dollars more to feed their families, basic health care to extend the time they have on this planet with their loved ones, and for that matter, an environment that isn't irreversibly damaged by over-reliance on fossil fuels.

This week, we've stood with Native American communities opposing a pipeline that would endanger their precious water resources in South Dakota. We've heard from immigrant construction workers and others fighting economic inequality at the Workers Rights Board hearing in Dallas this morning. On Monday, we'll again be with those fighting to improve the lives of regular working people at the Dallas AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast, to ensure labor leaders that we will stand by their side anytime they do battle with the 1%.

Gary Stuard is one of the most pro-labor candidates, not just in Texas, but in the United States. He supports a $15/hour minimum wage, a single-payer healthcare system that would cover everyone, and a fair path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented workers who deserve so much more than a life in the shadows. He is against "Right to Work" laws that weaken unions in states like Texas. He is for a jobs program on the scale of the New Deal that would not only employ and train millions of Americans, but provide us with a "green" renewable energy infrastructure that would improve the lives of generations to come.

For a future with dignity, respect, and a fairer share for all working people, vote Gary Stuard for US House of Representatives on November 8, 2016.

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